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about us

We are a Private and Business Jet Brokerage with a passion for aviation and top-tier service.

Aero Trans is an industry leading, full service organization. We provide aircraft acquisition, sales, and consulting support for all business and private aircraft.

From working as pilots to working in jet maintenance, we have a history in aviation and an unmatched dedication to it.

— Doug Strangfeld, President of Aero Trans

experience and History

We've worked as pilots, jet mechanics, and brokers.

Our history in aviation is diverse from flying aircraft to maintaining and managing it. We know the ins and outs of each and every aircraft that we offer to our clients in order to make sure that every purchase is the best one possible.

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We can help you find the perfect aircraft for your needs

We've helped clients acquire and manage all types of jets.

Our #1 priority is to help our clients acquire the perfect aircraft to meet all of their needs. We help our clients throughout the entire process from locating the right aircraft to finding the optimal way to manage it.


Unmatched expertise. Unbeatable service.

Not only do we offer expertise in private and business jet acquisitions, but we also have a team dedicated to keeping our client's aircraft managed, maintained, and ready to fly.