The Benefits of Owning an Aircraft

Should you make the investment to buy an aircraft? Learn more about what purchasing a private jet can do for you.


Time is the single biggest benefit to aircraft ownership. Everyone has the same 1,440 minutes in every day, but how you use them makes the difference in life and success. Choosing to travel in a business jet dramatically improves the efficiency of time spent traveling between locations.

The power of business jet travel can be seen in an example of a trip to two cities and then home in one day. With a business jet you can depart from your home city fly to the first city, conduct business in the morning, depart for the second city and conduct business in the afternoon and return home that evening in time to have dinner with your family. This type of trip on the airlines would usually take 2 – 3 days to accomplish, including 1 – 2 nights in hotels away from home.


Convenience is another significant difference of business jet travel. With a business jet your time and hassle factor with airline check in, TSA security (2 hours), baggage claim, and the rental car counter is eliminated. A typical airline flight requires that you depart your home allowing enough time to park, travel to the terminal, check in, go through security, and get to your departure gate at least 45 minutes prior to departure (all of this combined is typically 2 hours), and then at the destination you can add at least 2 hours for unloading, baggage claim, and the rental car counter.

With a business jet you decide when the departure time will be, allow only the time required to travel to the airport and pull up to the aircraft, load your bags and depart. No parking issues, no check in, no TSA security lines, no hassles. Arrival at your destination is also hassle free with the rental car waiting on the ramp for you to jump in and go. This alone saves you at least 2 hours on a typical trip, 8% of your 1,440 minutes!


Security is always a concern when traveling. Private jet travel decreases your exposure to crowds and major public transportation centers. When you travel utilizing a business jet you are departing and arriving from General Aviation terminals with your own pilots. Having the same plane to board with a trusted familiar flight crew takes you out of the security risks associated with large commercial airlines. Your family will also appreciate the ability to travel with less stress, more convenience and better security.

More Benefits

Tax Advantages

Tax advantages as structured with your CPA and attorney can be a major benefit depending on your individual situation.

Revenue Generation

Revenue Generation is also possible with aircraft ownership utilizing a management company that is authorized to conduct charter operations when you are not utilizing the aircraft. This technique can provide revenue that off sets the fixed cost of aircraft ownership.


Partnerships is another option provided through Aero Trans International. Many owners look to partner with other people to reduce the cost of ownership and increase the aircraft size and capability. We can help you find the partner that fits your situation and operational patterns.